Generating Software Tests


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import IPython
%3 Fuzzer Fuzzing: Breaking Things with Random Inputs Coverage Getting Coverage Fuzzer->Coverage Grammars Fuzzing with Grammars Fuzzer->Grammars MutationFuzzer Mutation-Based Fuzzing Coverage->MutationFuzzer GrammarCoverageFuzzer Grammar Coverage Coverage->GrammarCoverageFuzzer ProbabilisticGrammarFuzzer Probabilistic Grammar Fuzzing Coverage->ProbabilisticGrammarFuzzer GrammarFuzzer Efficient Grammar Fuzzing Grammars->GrammarFuzzer Intro_Testing Introduction to Software Testing Intro_Testing->Fuzzer ConfigurationFuzzer Testing Configurations GrammarCoverageFuzzer->ConfigurationFuzzer Carver Carving Unit Tests GrammarCoverageFuzzer->Carver GUIFuzzer Testing Graphical User Interfaces GrammarCoverageFuzzer->GUIFuzzer APIFuzzer Fuzzing APIs ProbabilisticGrammarFuzzer->APIFuzzer GrammarFuzzer->GrammarCoverageFuzzer Parser Parsing Inputs GrammarFuzzer->Parser GeneratorGrammarFuzzer Fuzzing with Generators GrammarFuzzer->GeneratorGrammarFuzzer Reducer Reducing Failure-Inducing Inputs GrammarFuzzer->Reducer WebFuzzer Testing Web Applications GrammarFuzzer->WebFuzzer Parser->ProbabilisticGrammarFuzzer LangFuzzer Fuzzing with Input Fragments Parser->LangFuzzer GeneratorGrammarFuzzer->APIFuzzer WebFuzzer->GUIFuzzer APIFuzzer->Carver

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