The Fuzzing Book


While the chapters of this book can be read one after the other, there are many possible paths through the book. In this graph, an arrow AB means that chapter A is a prerequisite for chapter B. You can pick arbitrary paths in this graph to get to the topics that interest you most:

Fuzzer Fuzzing: Breaking Things with Random Inputs Coverage Code Coverage Fuzzer->Coverage SearchBasedFuzzer Search-Based Fuzzing Fuzzer->SearchBasedFuzzer Grammars Fuzzing with Grammars Fuzzer->Grammars SymbolicFuzzer Symbolic Fuzzing Fuzzer->SymbolicFuzzer FuzzingInTheLarge Fuzzing in the Large Fuzzer->FuzzingInTheLarge MutationFuzzer Mutation-Based Fuzzing Coverage->MutationFuzzer MutationAnalysis Mutation Analysis Coverage->MutationAnalysis GrammarCoverageFuzzer Grammar Coverage Coverage->GrammarCoverageFuzzer ProbabilisticGrammarFuzzer Probabilistic Grammar Fuzzing Coverage->ProbabilisticGrammarFuzzer ConcolicFuzzer Concolic Fuzzing Coverage->ConcolicFuzzer DynamicInvariants Mining Function Specifications Coverage->DynamicInvariants PythonFuzzer Testing Compilers Coverage->PythonFuzzer WhenToStopFuzzing When To Stop Fuzzing Coverage->WhenToStopFuzzing GrammarFuzzer Efficient Grammar Fuzzing Grammars->GrammarFuzzer Intro_Testing Introduction to Software Testing Intro_Testing->Fuzzer GreyboxFuzzer Greybox Fuzzing MutationFuzzer->GreyboxFuzzer GrammarMiner Mining Input Grammars GrammarCoverageFuzzer->GrammarMiner ConfigurationFuzzer Testing Configurations GrammarCoverageFuzzer->ConfigurationFuzzer Carver Carving Unit Tests GrammarCoverageFuzzer->Carver GUIFuzzer Testing Graphical User Interfaces GrammarCoverageFuzzer->GUIFuzzer APIFuzzer Fuzzing APIs ProbabilisticGrammarFuzzer->APIFuzzer GreyboxGrammarFuzzer Greybox Fuzzing with Grammars GreyboxFuzzer->GreyboxGrammarFuzzer GrammarFuzzer->GrammarCoverageFuzzer GrammarFuzzer->PythonFuzzer Parser Parsing Inputs GrammarFuzzer->Parser GeneratorGrammarFuzzer Fuzzing with Generators GrammarFuzzer->GeneratorGrammarFuzzer Reducer Reducing Failure- Inducing Inputs GrammarFuzzer->Reducer FuzzingWithConstraints Fuzzing with Constraints GrammarFuzzer->FuzzingWithConstraints WebFuzzer Testing Web Applications GrammarFuzzer->WebFuzzer Parser->ProbabilisticGrammarFuzzer Parser->GreyboxGrammarFuzzer InformationFlow Tracking Information Flow Parser->InformationFlow GeneratorGrammarFuzzer->APIFuzzer WebFuzzer->GUIFuzzer InformationFlow->ConcolicFuzzer InformationFlow->GrammarMiner APIFuzzer->Carver

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